In Celebration of Love... Part II

Ok, you know I am telling you about a few of my favorite things in hopes you will love them as well, try them or give them to people you love!  This brings me to part deux of my little February project.

I LOVE surprises.

So, imagine my delight when; on my doorstep Friday afternoon, Bo and I received the most delicious box of chocolate covered strawberries from my mother in law! Way to go Mombo!!!! I, (ashamedly), had 4. In one sitting. But, I like to think of it as a little fruit snack... right? If you would like to give the gift of AWESOME like she did... check out: Shari's Berries!

Below is (obvi) not me...but it might as well have been....

What else do I love you ask? Essie. I love Essie nail polish. For $8 (or cheaper on Amazon but who's telling) its a whole lot of happy. Not only do I marvel at the supreme staying power of these little lacquers, but I adore the unique and wonderful polish names. Check them out. They are addicting. One that you definitley need to try asap is "Braziliant". It's orange tone is new for Spring. (Orangey corals are the new pink FYI.) But, if this is too braziliant for your tips, try "Haute As Hello" it's a softer coral and... lets face it, you ARE haute as hell...o. Duh. So, surprise someone (or yourself!) with the gift of shiny colorful nails.

Fun Fact: Did you know coral is the only universally flattering color on all skin tones... yep!

Shoes. I love shoes. Any and all of my girlfriends (and my poor sweet husband who has endured shopping w/ me) know, that shoes are the key to all girls' hearts. Should you be feeling the need to put a pep in your step... check out these adorable new brights. Ladies, do not be afraid of the neon colors new for Spring, they are the added pop you need for your outfit and no, they do not make your butt look big. Win Win.

I adore. I also wear a size 8 if your interested. 




 All of these adorable flats can be found on which, you guessed it, is yet ANOTHER thing I love. This site is amazing. Trust me. And, they offer EVERY DAY FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Instant gratification. Which, reminds me... tomorrow is Valentines Day - so if you ordered them for yourself (or "a friend") they will be here tomorrow. Just in time. Consider it my Valentine to you.


I hope I have helped you discover some new and fabulous things to love or to at least try!




February: In Celebration of Love ... Part 1

Since its February and I am feeling sappy and sugary sweet, I thought I would do small posts on things I LOVE and that you should check! Not necessarily for your wedding, or even for your Valentine, just because I want you to love them too!

Happy Hunting,


1. INVITES: I LOVE pretty invites for parties, weddings, housewarmings, baby showers, anything. Just send a fancy invite for the heck of it! If you need my address, message me...



 << This pretty paper product is actually the invite for my bride, Cortney's, wedding this April; created by Paisley Pear Designs

Below, these fabulous prints are from my girl at Southern Fried Paper...


Yes, I do own "Everythings Bigger in Texas" I mean, it IS (and its an homage to my hair)... which I LOVE BIG. Hmm... maybe I should do a post about big hair... too much?


2. ANIMALS.  I LOVE them. Here are mine. You should love them too. Meet Howdy & Snaggle, my 2 sons.


Stay tuned for more things I love that you should love too popping up this month!




An Officer, A Gentleman... AND A Beautiful Bride

Delanie, a fashion industry professional, and Steven, a Navy pilot are one of the most adorable couples EVER!

Maybe its that I saw alot of myself in Delanie and a lot of my Bo in Steven that we clicked so well, (and of course, the ever present "Aggie" bond that the boy's shared), but more so than that ... they are just "good people".  If your from Texas, you know what I mean...

Delanie's family, whom I had the pleasure of working with for her big day were amazing. Her mom, "Mimi" a true Southern belle and her dad, a hard working "country boy" as Delanie says; instantly make you feel welcome. Paired with Mimi and Delanie's love of vintage finds, we sourced items right from thier beautiful ranch-style home and mixed them with some of my goodies for a vintage wedding that didn't feel staged or contrived... rather, like comin' home and hanging with good friends.

The couple, who now reside in Florida, wanted to incorporate the move into thier big day. Vintage Florida postcards were used as table numbers, while a wedding gift of an airplane wing stood guard by the cake table for the happy couple; signifying his service as a pilot, and thier moving on.

I know that wherever they find themselves stationed, love and "Mimi's" sweet phone calls will follow them there.

Congratulations Delanie and Steven!

Enjoy these fabulous pictures taken by Absolute Photography, the awesome photographer duo!











Congratulations love birds - have fun in the sun in Florida and wherever love takes you!










Happy New Year everyone! I am excited to announce I have been accepted into the National Association of Professional Women; an organization that recognizes women who own thier own business! Thank you to all of my supporters and wonderful brides for helping make RSVP a {Ridiculously Swanky, Very Pretty} SUCCESS!

Stay tuned: I have a fabulous wedding from Absolute Photography coming soon of my gorgeous bride Delanie Bracey with her military man Steven Schulze. He wore his uniform for the ceremony - picture perfect!




Peter and Paola: A True Love Story Never Ends...

When I first met Paola, a beautiful Hispanic television talk show host I instantly adored her! She is not only the most gorgeous girl on the outside, but on the inside as well. She has a true heart for God and I know her marriage will not only be fun and loving, but forever.

Often times, for our meetings she would show up in adorable new shoes or with a fabulous  handbag, picked out especially for her from her fiance, Peter. I just love the two of them! To complete the duo is a HUGE family with lots of love, laughter... and Spanish!

The couple wanted to embody all things that make them... them! Love of traditional jazz music, Frank Sinatra, vintage items and  authentic Mexican heritage all rolled into one. They not only included a jazz band, a DJ, but a mariachi band to finish the night for thier guests! And... due to an unexpected fire alarm at the venue... we finished the night on the streets of downtown Dallas... with live Mariachi music played right by the fire truck!  

See below the original, sweet, and loving wedding of the new Mr. & Mrs. Vargas...

















I love you guys, and wish you many years of dancing to Frank Sinatra, eating delicious sweets and keepin' the flame so hot you gotta call in a fire truck ;)




Cake Bar: Sugar Bee Sweets

Photography: Three By The Quill Pen

Venue: The Room on Main

Catering: Urban Crust