I know, I know - you want beautiful hair for your wedding day, (who doesn't!)... And, you can't quite fix it yourself... (who can!) so you entrust your hair to a random stylist referred to you by a friend of a friend. You might bring in a picture of an "Up-Do"... and when you are finished you are staring at a bad 80's prom style, hair- sprayed so much there is NO WAY your gettin' that down!  So, I am here to propose the "Up-Don't!" The fabulous Megan Trent, Personal Beauty Ambassador shows some GREAT options for your wedding day (or any other specail event!)  that don't involve a stiff, coiffed hairstyle that looks NOTHING like you. Megan provides a modern twist for wearing your hair up on your wedding day, while offering some adorable, all natural options for those brides dreaming of long flowy mermaid hair! Either way, your sure to look your absolute best.... So, pack those tired "Up-Do" pics with your prom dress and contact Meg... your hubby will thank you!


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